Most Popular in 2011

I don’t spend a lot of time going of statistics on this website, but I thought it would be interesting to see what were the most popular posts in 2011.  So here they are:

1. Green Tea Creme Brulee
2. Sansho Pepper
3. Panna Cottta with Baked Strawberry Sauce
4. Quick Pickled Cucumbers
5. Cutting Cucumbers for Sushi
6. Karashi Mustard
7. Soy Marinated Spare Ribs
8. Lemon Tart with Fresh Raspberries
9.  Easy Thin Roll with Cucumber and Avocado
10. Shichimi Pepper

A reminder of how hard it is to predict what will be popular out there.  I would have never guessed the green tea creme brulee recipe would be the most popular one on this blog so far.  I really need to update that picture! It was one of the first posts I ever did.



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