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Karashi Mustard

Warning: Mixing wasabi and karashi paste may cause an explosion. Only a joke of course, but I’ve gotten a few laughs out of that. Karashi is a mixture of ground mustard seeds and horseradish – like wasabi- a little goes … Continue reading



Shiso is part of the mint family and is called “beefsteak plant” or perilla in English. I don’t know where the name beafsteak comes from, but I think shiso sounds much better. There are two varieties, red shiso and green … Continue reading

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Most diners in the United States would be surprised to discover they’ve probably never tasted wasabi. That is the real stuff. Most of the wasabi served in sushi joints is made from reconstituted horseradish – with some green coloring. It … Continue reading

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Ginger is a tropical plant that has been cultivated since prehistoric times. Ginger is often found dried in the spice section of your local super market. However, in most Asian and in Japanese cooking ginger is always used fresh. Ginger … Continue reading

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Sansho Pepper

Despite its name sansho pepper is not actually a pepper. I guess you might call it a spice with some peculiar traits. It’s earthy and tangy with a bit of lemon. When put directly on your tongue, you’ll notice a … Continue reading


Shichimi Pepper

Shichimi is mix of seven different spices. It’s not really that spicy in small amounts. It’s mainly used to add a little heat to soups and as a garnish. The mix is typically made from: Ground red pepper Sesame seeds … Continue reading