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Kimchi Nabe Top View

Kimchi Nabeyaki

Thick and chewy udon noodles, simmered beef and onions, kimchi, tofu, and spinach are cooked in broth in a Donabe, a Japanese earthenware directly on a stovetop. This hot and spicy dish will warm your body and soul, especially during chilly winter months.
Course Main Course
Cuisine asian, Japanese
Keyword broth, dashi, earthenware, green onion, kimchi, simmered beef and onion, spinach, udon,
Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Servings 1 person
Cost $7-10.00


  • Donabe, Japanese earthenware with a lid


  • 8 oz cooked udon Use thick and chewy udon. Frozen udon works too
  • 2 cup dashi Japanese broth
  • 6 tablespoon mirin Japanese sweet wine
  • 6 tablespoon light soy sauce sometimes called "think-color" soy sauce
  • 3 oz simmered beef and onion see recipe here:


  • 2 pieces silken tofu about 2 oz total
  • 2 oz kimchi
  • 1 oz spinach Blanched and squeeze excess water. Cut into half.
  • 1/2 spring green onions chopped
  • shichimi pepper for garnish


  • Mix dashi with mirin and light soy sauce to make Tsuyu.
    Kimchi Nabeyaki Ingredients
  • In a single serving Donabe, place cooked or frozen udon and fill it with tsuyu, enough to fill about 3/4 of Donabe.  
  • Place Donabe directly on the stovetop and turn the heat to medium. 
  • When the broth and noodle are hot, arrange beef, tofu, kimchi, and tofu on top.  Continue cooning until Donabe is very hot and broth bubbling. Turn the heat off and garnish it with chopped green onions.  Cover the Donabe with the lid then serve at the table.